Directions to Cap Ferret by bus from Bordeaux Airport (BOD)

Cap Ferret, August 16, 2010

This has been eluding me for years, and I finally took the time to figure it out last year...
BUT, since the good people of Bordeaux insist on changing the bus numbers and routes each and every year, you will have to take these directions with a grain of salt! In fact, I have had to make so many changes from last year's version, I have kept it around for comparison purposes: capferretbus2009.html
AND, they even changed the location of the bus stop at the airport since I arrived there last week!!
If you find that anything has changed in these directions, please let me know as soon as possible so that I can update this web page!

For at least the last 25 years, There has been a bus from Bordeaux to Cap Ferret called "Ligne 601" - it usually (but not always for some strange reason) starts out at Bordeaux's main train station (Gare St. Jean), and takes you all the way to Andernos, Ares, Lege, and all of the small towns between Lege and Cap Ferret (Claouey, Les Jacquets, Petit Piquey, Grand Piquey, Piraillan, Le Canon, L'Herbe & La Vigne).

This Bus #601 passes right near the airport (about 500 meters/yards as the crow flies) But, for some bizarre reason, this bus DOES NOT stop at or near the airport terminal!   NOTE: You can walk to the bus stop called "La Grave" in about 30 minutes (which is what I have been doing for many years!)   You can also take a taxi - which I did one year - but the angry, pissed off taxi driver made me refrain from ever doing this again.

To walk to the "La Grave" bus stop, simply walk through the airport parking lot - directly away from Terminal B, then follow the road out to the large roundabout. Turn right (following the sign for Lege Cap Ferret). Then walk past the next (smaller) roundabout, and then turn right again at the next large roundabout onto the main raod from Bordeaux to Cap Ferret (following the sign that says Cap Ferret). After another 500m or so, you will see the bus stop on your right.

In order to connect to the Cap Ferret Ligne #601 Bus from Bordeaux Airport (BOD) do the following:

TAKE BUS #1 FROM BORDEAUX AIRPORT (Direction Quinconces)

There is a Bus Stop marked with a sign located just outside the middle of Hall B - right outside of Exit Door #7 (But this changed from Door #11 since last week so keep an open mind!)

The bus fare is 1.40 euros and the trip takes 10-15 minutes (depending upon traffic and how many of the 8 stops it actually has to stop at).
You can purchase a bus ticket directly from the driver - but you need to validate this ticket in one of the yellow and black machines.

Although it is a longer walk than last year, I still think it is best to get out at the stop called "Merignac Soleil" which is right after the bus passes a "Conforma" and a "Cultura" store (on the left) and just before the big "Centre Commercial" (with the giant Carrefour superstore)
This is actually the main road from Bordeaux to Cap Ferret (but the #601 bus will go in the opposite direction of Bus #1)

When you get off the bus, simply walk up the ramped roadway - along the skinny sidewalk in the same direction that the bus is now going, and after about 450 meters (5 minute walk), you will see the bus stop/shelter just across the road (before the traffic light). Note this is also the bus stop for the local buses #30, #34, and #1(Back to the airport) and is clearly marked as such on the front and side of the shelter. Note: If your french is good and you can sweet talk the driver into dropping you at the following traffic light (just after the road ramps up and back down) it will save you about 400m of walking.

Alternatively, you can also take the bus all the way to the Lycees de Merignac stop (near Les 4 Chemins) and backtrack by foot about 500 meters or so in order to catch the #601 bus at the Les 4 Chemins bus/tram stop. BUT, keep in mind that the Lycees stop is also farther away from the airport, and therefore takes more time, which might make you miss a short connection.

Here is a link to the bus schedule for the 601 bus: Ligne: 601 BORDEAUX - LEGE CAP FERRET/OCEAN
NOTE: All of the stops listed between (and including) "LEGE - Av. de l'Ocean" and "LEGE - La Point" are actually stops within the town of Cap Ferret.

The bus fare to Cap Ferret is anywhere from 15.00 to 16.70 euros depending on your driver and your final stop in Cap Ferret. You can pay the driver directly, and they are able to make change.

The trip to Cap Ferret takes about 1-1/2 hours (unless you are lucky and catch one of the "direct" buses which skips the towns of Andernos and Ares along the way).

If you are heading to the Youth Hostel (Auberge de Jeunesse):
> Ask the bus driver to let you out at the "avenue Nord du Phare" bus stop (at which there is no shelter in this direction).
> From there walk about 20-30 meters toward the big lighthouse.
> Turn right onto the street called "Rue des Goelands" (with the restaurants, bakery, and supermarket).
> Walk past the small "Carrefour" supermarket, and turn right at the next street called "Allee des Pingouins".
> Walk the length of this residential street until you come to the main road called "Avenue de Bordeaux".
> Turn right onto Avenue de Bordeaux (and NOT onto Rue des Ecoles - which is the smaller, quieter street at the same intersection).
> The Hostel (Auberge) will be on the left side. (1/2 block away)

To get from Cap Ferret to Bordeaux (BOD) airport, simply take the #601 bus back to the Centre Commercial "Merignac Soleil" bus stop.
Walk in the same direction as the bus was travelling and after 180m you will see another bus stop across the road.
This shelter is also called "Merignac Soleil" (and is the same bus stop for taking the #601 bus to Cap Ferret).
Here you will be able to catch Bus #1 back to the airport.
The bus fare is 1.40 euros and the trip takes about 10-15 minutes depending on traffic.

Please email me and let me know if this helps you with your travels, and/or if you notice any new changes that will require me to update this webpage!!